Friday, September 17, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

             This is a form of writing used in Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, I find it very useful when writing narratives. In my WRT 150 class, we wrote a 5-7 page essay and I used it for my essay, when I was finished with the essay I had some revision and for the most part it may be one of the best narrative papers I have ever written, I guess the biggest thing you can do in a stream of consciousness paper is to give yourself as few constraints as possible. Write about one thing, make sure you have a focus, and don't get off topic. It's what your brain has to say about the topic, but it may wander around the topic, unless you want it chronological. Let one idea lead to another, but never in the same paragraph. Write about one idea, then move onto the next, that was how I did it, no outline, no brainstorming, I just wrote. It's simple, anyone can do it. Just give it a try sometime. I actually had fun writing this paper, I will probably revise it a few times because I get many opportunities to change it and make it into a beautiful paper. I think that if I make it good enough I can get it published in the class book that they remake every year :D


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