Friday, September 24, 2010

It's been a while huh?

You guys haven't heard from me much, it's because I am rather busy, I spent six hours the other day working on manual G Codes... It is such a pain.. I was more angry than I have been in over six years. She had us make manual G Codes for a CNC machine... They fucking make themselves.. It was just a tedious time consuming task that they would make you do on the 9th layer of hell for being a telemarketer. It sucks. I am so glad it is over with and I never have to do it again. I like engineering, but that was bull shit. I'm not going to let it stop me, in fact, I have realized that procrastination is my enemy and I am going to try and stop procrastinating. Maybe if I do that I will be able to post more for you guys... Also look at this crazy link.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

             This is a form of writing used in Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, I find it very useful when writing narratives. In my WRT 150 class, we wrote a 5-7 page essay and I used it for my essay, when I was finished with the essay I had some revision and for the most part it may be one of the best narrative papers I have ever written, I guess the biggest thing you can do in a stream of consciousness paper is to give yourself as few constraints as possible. Write about one thing, make sure you have a focus, and don't get off topic. It's what your brain has to say about the topic, but it may wander around the topic, unless you want it chronological. Let one idea lead to another, but never in the same paragraph. Write about one idea, then move onto the next, that was how I did it, no outline, no brainstorming, I just wrote. It's simple, anyone can do it. Just give it a try sometime. I actually had fun writing this paper, I will probably revise it a few times because I get many opportunities to change it and make it into a beautiful paper. I think that if I make it good enough I can get it published in the class book that they remake every year :D


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

College is still fun, but I have this one engineering class that gives me the equivalent homework of all my other classes combined... They are serious about their engineers. Some things are really easy, I just took a quiz online and had it done in under a minute so yeah.. I should probably do my homework for Week #2 I just thought I'd stop in and say hi everyone.... Well good luck in whatever you are doing. I bid you adieu. (Sp? :D)

Engineering problem to overcome? Or did they make chairs like this on purpose?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Post..

    Well my friends, it appears that it is time for me to blog about something else today. It seems early to me because I just woke up (Theory of Relativity people, damn...) so I haven't had any epiphanies recently but I will write and perhaps be stricken with one. If I do it will probably strike me like a bolt of Zeus' lightning and wake me the fuck up (Or kill me, but that would be one fucked up epiphany.) I think I might even try stumbling into an epiphany. Nah..

       I am going to talk about The effort you make to think of a topic. When you're given a research paper, or you simply choose to sit down and write, the first thing you have to do is identify a problem of some sort. It doesn't necessarily have to be a this way or that way problem, but you almost always have to take a stand (It's funny because I'm taking a stand on a problem right now (For those of you who are slow ) ) *Cough* TLX... Some people look at this part of the paper as the easy part, but I always find it the hardest. I have so many passions. I can write about anything! You seriously want me to pick one topic, one topic over everything else when everything is important? Honestly that's one tough fucking cookie.

This fucker is built like a tank
                    The decision making process isn't necessarily hard, but for those of us who are indecisive and can't decide what they are going to use their saved up money for... It's a fucking madhouse making a decision. We weigh the pro's and con's of every damn thing. After many years of dealing with indecision, I finally found a solution that works over half of the time. Find something that meets your criteria. If it meets your criteria in a satisfying way, fucking take that shit, don't shop around more! If you're like me, shopping around more usually ends up badly. Fuck that. I am sticking with my criteria. When I am writing a paper, I almost always do the first thing that pops into my head. Why? You ask.. If I seriously went through all the pros and cons of every issue I could think of, my paper would take fucking years to write. So my solution isn't the best, but it has gotten me into college, and made my life about ten times easier... We're talking universal remote easy.
Fucking slut.

Friday, September 10, 2010


                Sleep has to be one of my favorite things to do. I sleep as much as possible. Sleeping is good for you in so many ways, it rejuvenates you, you grow while you're doing it, and you have these amazing dreams that correlate with what you have learned in that day. Sleeping takes much of the things from your short-term memory and puts them into long term memory. I recently read an article on dreaming, and it was found that dreams may be correlated with learning. The study was done on two types of people, people who played Tetris before going to bed, and people who did something that had nothing to do with Tetris. The scientists then watched their brain waves and saw that the people who played Tetris had a lot more brain activity going on. They also did better when they played Tetris.. That is pretty awesome if you ask me, so if you want to learn something fast, study it before going to bed.

                And then, we have the kind of sleeping that is not enjoyable, drunk sleeping. Now before you get to this point, sleep is probably the most amazing sounding thing in the world. All I ever want to do when I am at that one stage of my drunken stupor is sleep. But when you get there, it's gone before you know it, simply to be replaced by a sensitivity to heat, light and sound. Sleep always sounds nice, and sometimes it is, but not after drinking. There are no good dreams, nothing. It's a limbo for 8 hours and if you forget to take off your shoes... You're just fucked... You might as well draw penises all over yourself and spray whipped cream everywhere. It is something I fear greatly when drinking, I make sure to take off my shoes and even do it subconsciously when I don't know what the fuck is going on. I don't want to be on the receiving end of an antiquing.
                                                     Is this what the fuck you want?!?!?!

                Regardless of all these terrible things, sleep will always be cherished by me, and I am currently writing this because I am only getting six hours of sleep tonight, and it may not seem like much now, but when I truly begin working at a collegiate level, I fully expect to spend many more hours awake than sleeping.
        As a side note, I think I am slightly odd when I don't get sleep. The effects are akin to that of alcohol, I get giggly and laugh at generally anything. I forget how to whisper and walk in a straight line and I am quite sure I slur my words... So as you can see, there are more reasons for me to sleep other than how awesome it feels to sleep.

My first post

I'm not really sure what to do with this, I have to say that I have never blogged before. My approach will probably be something akin to brainstorming. My points will get stronger as I go on (Or so I hope) and I might spend a good deal of time on this discussing many topics that catch my interest or that I think other people should know my views on. My topics will be varied from politics to physics. I have a natural love of everything and there are some things that should simply be done in different ways. I find this tool to be interesting possibly as a way to vent my frustrations or enlighten others in my ways of thought. I definitely plan to do this a lot. I am a freshman at Grand Valley State University so I might even use this to elaborate on my experiences on this.